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General Information


It is the clients responsibility to provide the measurements or tile quantities for their order. BlattChaya may assist the customer with the calculation however the client should confirm the quantities of the quotation.  



BlattChaya's only responsibility is to supply the tiles. The client should verify his order (before installation or when picking up the tiles?). BlattChaya is not responsible for any issues regarding installation, cleaning or maintenance. (No returns or claims will be accepted once the tiles have been installed.-- taken from

please visit our installation guidelines and/or do not hesitate contacting us for guidelines



Customized orders 

50% upon confirmation of the order 

50% at pick up from BlattChaya factory

Pret a poser : 

Cash and carry 


We have work for restoration project, if you have a beautiful old floor that you would like to complete we could produce the same design and even customize the colors for them to match as much as possible the old tiles. 

Custom tile design 

You wish to design your own tile? you can send us the tile design you would like and we can produce it for you. 

Make sure this design does not belong to someone else. 


Things to know

The tiles are handmade using the old tradiotional method, variation in thickness may occur (0.5 to 1mm) 

The tiles live and hence each production varies slightly from the other. It is important to make your order at once to avoid this color contrast . 



For further question do not hesitate to contact us by mail : or by phone: +961 1 695 222 / 333.

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